Imitation is the best form of flattery

hot rocks

This week so far has been a week full of pride, frustration, excitement, exhaustion… who am I kidding, it’s all about passion! Just another week at Dine at 29.

It’s hard to believe that our new menu is now five weeks old. It seems like a lifetime ago we were working on the first draft! Many have commented on the upgraded hot rock menu with our new cut of meat, sirloin, being a massive hit. This goes along with our house citrus and smoked salts which are adding an exciting dimension.

A lot of people have also asked if we have changed our meat and the answer is yes. With the new menu, we have invested in our meat. Quality is important to us and we see that reflected in your opinions also.

We’d like to say a big thanks to the 200 people who joined us for Disney at Dine last weekend. The team loved doing it and by the looks on the kids’ faces, I’m pretty confident they loved the experience too. A lot of work goes into these events to make them a success and all the kid’s smiles are a credit to the Dine at 29 squad. Our next event will be announced very soon.

Part of running any business is constantly keeping your ear to the ground and being aware of what is happening with competitors in the local area, and looking at new and exciting things to bring to the guests of Dine at 29. We have been paid the biggest compliment possible with a similar idea cropping up and while that could be seen as frustrating, we see this as high praise of the work and effort we’ve put into making Dine such a success.

As always here at Dine, we stick to our mission statements of an excellent product, sourced locally, and delivered with value. I know exactly where our product comes from. I know how much love and devotion goes into our food and drink, from the raw products with our suppliers to the point it reaches you, our guests. The quality of each finished product represents complete value and comes with a history we are proud to shout about. We also, of course, have the best customers that any restaurant could ever ask for.

The next date for your diary is Friday 4th of August but telling you what’s coming would take all the fun out it! Keep an eye on our social media pages for a sneak peek over the coming weeks.

Thank you again for your custom and I will see you in the restaurant soon.



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