Big Changes at Dine for the New Year

Big Changes at Dine for the New Year

Hi all, it’s Neil here.

I have taken over the mantle of Restaurant Manager from Iain, who has moved on to one of our sister venues in Falkirk. There will still be some familiarity here when you come in though with Christy still here and doing a fantastic job.

So, as the title says, there have been quite a few changes here at Dine.

Firstly, obviously, is myself. I joined Dine recently back in October but with Christmas quickly upon us, this is the first chance I have had to properly say hello. I’ve worked in the industry since I was 16, starting as a waiter and then working the kitchen. I then went to University and got my degree in Management. 15 years later and I have joined the Castle Leisure Group team for my new and exciting challenge.

We’d also like to welcome Hugh Campbell as our new Head Chef. Hugh has come across from the capital to step up as Head chef. Hugh was working in our sister venue, Brewhemia, as Senior Sous Chef. Given his fantastic work and effort, he was offered the opportunity to become Dine’s Head of team. Hugh brings a vast knowledge of the industry, new ideas, and a drive to make things run smoothly and efficiently. You can expect the same high standards that we strive for here at Dine.

Finally, the menu. We listened to our faithful customers, brought back some old favourites, and some new dishes along with it. We have tried to increase the value for money and give more options on all courses. Of course, we have kept the Hot Rocks (it’s what we are known for after all!) but we have introduced a Venison steak and King Prawn Skewers. Surf & Turf is also back by adding King Prawns to your Steak. We also brought back the side that everyone wanted, the Sweet Potato Fries!

So, why not come down, try out the new menu, and say hello? The reviews so far have been great and we look forward to seeing you all soon!



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